It is crazy to think that I started this business 10 years ago in my home dining room. I started with Hair and Makeup as Faces By Joy in 2009. Adding Photography in 2011 has lead me on an incredible journey. Over the many years I have photographed just about everything. My love is always coming back to Boudoir and Weddings. We work with over 200 weddings a year for hair and makeup.
I commission about 20 weddings a year for photography to keep enough time to manage everything. I love each couple I get to work with and I am excited you are here to learn more. 

hello. I'm jOY


With our FBJ Weddings team of 17 ladies. I will  schedule hair and makeup with your wedding party and I will be your photographer for the entire process! Would you like to learn more about our hair and makeup services? Just need photography? I would love to chat more about what I offer. 

Our dedicated hair and makeup site is here:
Visit: www.fbjweddings,com

I offer a full experience of Bridal Beauty and wedding photography